Past Exhibitions > Love in a Mist at Arthaus Orakei

Nebulous #4
Framed Monotype on paper, mounted onto prepared board.
540 x 740mm


What is a monotype?

A monotype is a one-off unique print created by applying ink or paint onto a sheet of Mylar or glass and then running it through a printing press to transfer the ink onto paper. Only one print is created with this method of printmaking. There will sometimes be a subsequent print that can be pulled from the same sheet of Mylar with the residual ink or paint (called a ghost print) but it will be lighter and quite different from the initial print.

How is the work mounted and protected?

This custom framed artwork has been created using artists quality acrylic onto Fabriano printmaking paper and mounted onto prepared board using an archival adhesive. It is then sealed and varnished with a polymer varnish containing UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilisers), providing a protective, dust resistant layer to the artwork.